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Resident of the SEZ "Technopolis Moscow" will start serial production of photonic chips The resident of the special economic zone (SEZ) "Technopolis Moscow" - the company "Zelenograd Nanotechnology Center" ("ZNTC") - is preparing to start mass production of photonic integrated circuits and modules for telecommunications equipment. This was announced by Deputy Mayor of Moscow for Economic Policy and Property and Land Relations Vladi... 05/12/2022
LED manufacturers signed a memorandum on the creation of a unified traceability system for their products A memorandum of cooperation on organizing a system for the open use of domestic light-emitting diodes LED (Light Emitting Diodes) in lighting devices, included in the Unified Register of Russian Radio-Electronic Products, was signed on Wednesday by LED manufacturers, one of the signatories, GS Group, reports. According to the report, it is ab... 03/12/2022
Rostec has doubled the speed of data transmission via tropospheric communication Roselectronics Holding of the Rostec State Corporation has successfully tested the Groza tropospheric communication station with an advanced digital modem based on neural networks. New technological solutions made it possible to increase the data transfer rate to 45.5 Mbps, which is almost twice as high as the characteristics of the previous equ... 02/12/2022
New development will increase the efficiency of spacecraft State Scientific Center of the Russian Federation ONPP "Technology" named after. A.G. Romashina developed a technology for the production of ultra-light integral-type products from polymer composite materials of complex curvature for rocket and space technology. The unique development will help to increase the payload of spacecraft by reducing t... 01/12/2022
Ruselectronics has developed a hybrid medical complex for minimally invasive surgery Ruselectronics holding of the Rostec State Corporation has developed and started production of a prototype of a hybrid medical complex for minimally invasive operations. A feature of the new equipment is that all units - ultrasound, endoscopic, surgical - are included in a common system with a single control panel. The modularity of the design a... 30/11/2022
Rosatom has developed a prototype lithium-ion battery for electric vehicles and data centers The Renera company (part of one of Rosatom's subsidiaries) presented a prototype of a new battery module based on lithium-ion cells, which is suitable for electric vehicles, electric buses and other equipment. As noted, new batteries can be designed for the desired capacity. The modules use a new type of cell, so the battery pack is light... 29/11/2022
In Russia there will be a federal project for the development of robotics Vladimir Putin at the conference "Journey to the World of Artificial Intelligence" (AI Journey) said that a new federal project for the development of robotics will appear in Russia. It is necessary to eliminate the backlog of Russia from other countries in the implementation of industrial robots. In this regard, I ask the government to devel... 28/11/2022
LTE and 5G communications The company Eltex from Novosibirsk, which is engaged in the production of telecom equipment, plans to introduce a hardware platform for the production of 4G and 5G base stations next year. This will literally assemble such stations from elements, such as a constructor. Vedomosti writes about it. The platform will become the basis for other co... 25/11/2022
China plans to produce graphene electronics. It will be much more productive than the current one At the China International Graphene Innovation Conference, a number of companies and institutions discussed the use of graphene as a replacement for silicon in chips. The Graphene Copper Innovation Consortium has already been set up to deal with these issues. The list of participants includes The Chint Group, Shanghai Electric Cable Institute an... 24/11/2022
TSMC will significantly raise prices Next-generation processors and graphics cards can significantly rise in price relative to current models. DigiTimes reports that a 300mm wafer, which will be produced by TSMC using a new 3nm process, will be 25% more expensive than the company's current solutions. And it will rise in price primarily due to the lack of competition. A ne... 23/11/2022
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