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Shipping Freight

Shipping company Basic Freight Fuel Cost Chargeable weight Duration(Day) Price(RMB)
  • 1.The freight cost are based on departure of "mainland China" to reach the published standard price of the different courier channels in different countries or regions. this price is just for reference , and the specific charge is calculated based on the actual weight.;
  • The basic shipping cost includes the basic fee and registration fee;
  • The calculated freight cost not including customs duties, remote surcharge, bounced fees and other expenses;
  • The calculated transportation time is the normal delivery time of the service (excluding the pickup and parcel processing time), delivery timeliness affected by the weather, holidays and other factors;
  • The official published calculated price is sent by the official shipping method of each mode of transport (the price includes fuel surcharge and basic freight, does not include remote fees, etc.), the official published price is for reference only;
Tips:the official published price is for reference only,The actual price is based on the price of the logistics company.